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Bartolome Romero (1528-1631)
Bartolome Romero
Son of Bartolome
Birth  04-06-1563 
Almaguer, Spain 
Death  1632 New Mexico
  Matias (1597-1698)
Son  of Bartolome
Francisco Romero de Pedraza (1635 - )
Son of Matias
Domingo Romero de Pedraza (1685 - 1720)
Son of Francisco
Jose Romero (1713 - 1784)
Son of Domingo
Juana Gertrudis Romero (1741-   )
Daughter of Jose Romero 
Jose Manuel Ricardo (Marquez) Romero (1772 - 1847)
Son of Gertrudis Romero
Jose Rafael Romero (1796 - 1861)
Son of Jose Manuel Ricardo (Marquez)
Pablo Eufemio (Eugenio) Romero (1829 - )
Son of Jose Rafael
Juan de Mata Romero (1854 - )
Son of Pablo Eufemio (Eugenio)
Juan Ramon Romero (1889 - 1962)
Son of Juan de Mata
Juan Jose Romero (1916 - 1986)
Son of Juan Ramon
Victor Eduardo Romero (1942-) aka- Eddie V.

My 1st generation ancestor to New Mexico, Bartolome Romero was a member of the Don Juan de Onate Expedition. My search for my ancestors started with information from my birth certificate and working back in time but I am now going to relate it from the past to the present.

The initial trek into New Mexico was led by Don Juan de Onate and the following is an excerpt from the full account that can be seen at this site.
Onate Expedition
"...The governor, Don Juan de Onate, passed in review in full armor.That is to say, he had helmet, beaver, coat of mail, sword and harquebus; his horse was armed in buckskin, bullhide or calfskin. He appeared before Francisco de Esquivel, commissary, and reviewed and inspected the following soldiers and settlers to New Mexico, February 1597, January 1598 and reinforcements August 1600...."

In advance of the main party, Onate sent out a scouting party in search of provisions and supplies led by Captain Pablo de Aquilar. Details of this event are presented in a web site article at NMSU, "Cuartocentennial of the Colonization of New Mexico". To read the full accounting go to this site: The Aquilar Expedition

The List of Men who were part of the Onate Expedition, which included my 1st generation ancestor to New Mexico, Bartolome Romero, can be seen at this link: The Genealogy of Mexico, click and scroll down.
Bartolome Romero, native of the town of Corral de Almaquer in Castile, Spain, of good stature, swarthy, black beard, 35 years of age, Son of Bartolome Romero, with complete armor for himself and horse. Bartolome shows up in Onate annals initially with the title of, ALFEREZ but was quickly promoted to CAPTAIN after thier arrival in New Mexico.

Bartolome married Lucia Lopez Robledo, daughter of Pedro Robledo and Catalina Lopez, about 1596. (Lucia Lopes Robledo was born about 1573 in Espana, Iberia and died about 1625.) His children were Bartolome, Matias who married Isabel de Pedraza (my 12th generation Grandparents), Augustin, Ana, and Maria.

This post has come from my collection of extensive research to document my Romero Family line. Most comes from the hard work of many respected published Genealogist-Historians who have been so kind with assistance and sharing of their efforts.

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