Primeras Familias (First Families) de Nuevo Mexico requires verified documentation. Researchers whose ancestors lived in New Mexico during any of the historical periods listed below may submit proof of direct descent from that ancestor. New Mexico Genealogical Society, after verifying the documentation, will issue a certificate listing the name of the researcher and of the early New Mexico ancestor. The lineage will be published in the New Mexico Genealogist. There are several categories for the Primeras Familias de Nuevo Mexico certificate:

[Native] American Indian
Oñate Period 1598-1680
Reconquest Period 1692-1821
Mexican Period 1821-1846
Territorial Period 1846-1912
Qualifying for Primeras Familias de Nuevo Mexico is the ultimate proof of your hard work in researching your family. The certificates make beautiful gifts for those very special people in your family, as each is individually prepared and signed with the NMGS seal, and are suitable for framing.

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