Wednesday, June 14, 2017

                    Juan Mata Romero b. 1855 son of Pablo Eufemio Romero
                            m. 9 Jan 1880 Maria Antonia Rivera b. 3 June 1862

Juan Mata and Maria Antonia may have been married in Holy Cross Catholic Church, Santa Cruz de La Canada, Santa Fe but lived at San Ildefonso,

1. Jose Manuel m.  christened 02 Apr  1882
2. Maria Eugenia f. christened 04 Dec  1883
3. Maria Paula f.  christened  07 Apr 1887
4. Juan Ramon m. christened 14 Jul  1889  (my  Grandfather)
5. Norberto m.  christened  29 Mar  1891
I have not found death records for either Juan or Maria  as of  a 1930 Census record showing them living in Santa Fe, NM.  By 1942 Maria was no longer living by stories told to me by my mother. I was born in the house of my Great Grandfather Juan Mata Romero at 701 Dunlap St., Santa Fe in  7 Dec  1942 .

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