Sunday, January 15, 2017

Decendents of Bartolome Romero (1528-1631) down to Jose Manuel Ricardo (Marquez) Romero (1772 - 1847) Son of Gertrudis Romero are clearly documented even though the father of Jose Manuel is unknown. Jose Manuel is documented as useing his Mother Gertrudis surname (Romero) and his close association with his Grandfather Jose Romero.
Historicaly the early Romero's in New Mexico were involved in military activities as well as regional politics. The later Romero's who I will post next were more actively involved in farming but may have been on occasion active in military and political life.
I will start this next phase of decendancy with my two time Greatgrandfather:
Pablo Eufemio Romero, Grandson of Manuel Jose.
Pablo Eufemio ROMERO

BAPTISM: 22 MAR 1829 3 days old Pojoaque

Paternal Grandparents: Manuel Romero and Maria Paula Valdes
Maternal Grandparents: Miguel Ortiz and Juana Sandoval

Father: Jose Rafael ROMERO
Mother: Maria Estefana ORTIZ

Family 1 : Maria Juliana VALDEZ

* MARRIAGE: 6 NOV 1846, San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico [145981]

1. Jose de Gracia ROMERO
2. Jose Andres ROMERO
3. Jose Miguel Cleofas ROMERO
4. Florencio ROMERO
5. Josefa ROMERO
6.? ( Juan de Mata Romero ) married (Maria Antonia Ribera)

Origins Fray Chavez
Deligencias P. 1596 1825