Monday, December 08, 2008


As most know, two of the newcomers to my life are children. One four and a half and the other near two. All I can say is that they have won over my heart and given me a new perspective on life in general. They encompass all aspects of life that there are to experience, but this characteristic can all happen in the span of an hour. Joy, anguish, disappointment, anger or more aptly in the context of a child's mind, impatience. Oh my, I could go on all day. The joy they bring is immense but the relief one experiences when they are delivered back to their Mother can be felt as joy as well. Enough, let me introduce "My Posse", Hanna and Nathaniel.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Possee goes on Patrol

The Number One Posse Member

#1 & #2 Posse Members

The Posse Make Granpa Look Good

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