Sunday, October 25, 2009


After my visit to my home town, Santa Fe NM in September, to participate in cultural events of historical significance, I saw how things have changed over my lifetime. This observation led me to think about my ancestors, and after a brief visit with a Sister of a old school chum who shared her passion for Genealogy with me, I am now on what feels like a mission that I have neglected for too long.
So far the character that has popped up most frequently is my Great-grandfather on my Mothers side. His name was Martin Chavez who was a rancher and farmer in Picacho, Lincoln County, New Mexico. His presence there in the time of the Lincoln County War (late 1800,s) and his association with the faction that also had Billy the Kidd on their side is what made him easy to document. Where this is going to lead is unknown to me but I will try to share items along the way that may be of common interest.
This is Martin Chavez,s grave marker in the Rosario Cemetery in Santa Fe, NM where he lived his last years overseeing a large family that had migrated there to be educated and participate in the political and religious life of a growing population.

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