Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Domingo Romero de Pedraza son of Francisco Romero de Pedraza

Domingo Romero de Pedraza son of  Francisco Romero de Pedraza and Francisca Ramirez Salazar, was born in New Mexico and died in August 1720 at the Villasur Expedition, Nebraska.

Noted events in his life were:

Tool Distribution: 1704, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Military Campaign: August 1720, Villasur Expedition, New Mexico

Domingo married Maria Nieves Montes Vigil

Children from this marriage were:

                           i. Jose Romero

                          ii. Juana Teresa Romero was born about 1715 in New Mexico

Maria next married Jose Tenorio de Alba Y Corona, son of
Nicolas Tenorio de Alba and Maria de Rada on February 9, 1722 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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The Villasur expedition of 1720 was a Spanish military expedition intended to check the growing French presence on the Great Plains of central North America. Led by Lieutenant-General Pedro de Villasur, the expedition was overwhelmed in an attack by far more numerous Pawnee and Otoe.

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